Back to Dublin, 2023

      In 2023, I went overseas for the Christmas holiday. I visited Dublin in 2021 and decided to go back. The Dublin airport, left, welcomed me for Christmas. Rollover that image to see the National Memorial to Ireland's Defence Forces that I visited in Merrion Square Park.

    On the right, you see street performers dressed up for Christmas. Rollover that image and see a nearby statue of James Joyce. Born in Dublin, he is considered to be one of the most influential authors of the 20th century.

   Below left is an original copy of the Irish Declaration of Independence on display in the General Post Office which was the headquarters of the failed revolution in 1916. Rollover that image to see Santa Claus enjoying a smoke at the horse races. He was relaxing the day after Christmas.
    Right, a picture of the bell tower at Trinity University in Dublin. Established in 1592, it was Ireland's first university and is its most prestigious. Rollover that image to see a poignant statue, The Victim, which depicts a mother and wife grieving over their dead soldier. It is near the Monument to Ireland's Defence Forces.

  Below left, I attended the Leopardstown Christmas Festival which is four days of horse racing. The races are two miles and the horses jump eight hurdles. I picked the winning horse in the first race, No Flies On Him.

  Below center, the Samuel Beckett Bridge, designed to look like a harp, over the River Liffey. Also in that picture on the left, a replica of the Jeanie Johnston, a boat that took emigrants to the U.S. in the 1840's. Rollover that image to see the Ha'Penny Bridge. Back in 1816, it was the first bridge built over the River Liffey. To cross the bridge, a person had to pay a half penny toll. Below right, Dublin's iconic Temple Bar where I had Chistmas Eve pizza. Rollover that image to see the capacity and well dressed crowd of 17,000 at the Leopardstown Festival.

  Along the bottom row, left to right, a poignant mural to honor the victims of covid. Rollover that image and see an interesting sculpture of Irish poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde. The General Post Office, like many of Dublin's buildings, were lit up for the holidays. Rollover that image to see a Christmas display inside the Post Office. Right, you can see some things have changed since I was there in 2021.



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